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Tired of constantly cutting off limb-limbs with your chainsaw? Call our professionals Tree Pruning Eugene OR for pruning service! We offer the highest quality services for your property, at affordable rates.

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Whereas trimming is done primarily on living branches to keep the tree at a manageable size, pruning is a much more delicate and specific procedure that focuses on keeping the number of dead branches to a minimum so that new growth can occur.

Because it deals directly with the tree’s health, it’s essential that experts handle this procedure and that it is only done during certain times of the year.

After a tree has flowered, it is time to cut away the stems and branches that held the flowers to allow the tree to focus more on root growth and overall health rather than reproduction.

Cutting away any remaining dead flowers will also help improve your trees’ look.

Many trees are pruned in the winter months, so an expert needs to take care of it to make sure that only what needs to be pruned is cut off of the tree. Pruning which the tree is dormant in the winter months also helps keep the tree healthy by avoiding a loss of sap and essential nutrients when a non-dormant tree is pruned.

The primary purpose of pruning is to promote the health of the tree, bush, or shrub, but it will also help improve the overall look of the plant. This is because pruning removes unsightly old growth and allows the plant to grow bright new leaves in their place, giving your tree and whole landscaping area a much fresher and greener look.

Pruning can also help prevent the spread of disease and infections. Many people are unaware that plants can also get various diseases and fungal infections. If your trees have a condition, then pruning back the diseased part of the tree is an integral part of the healing process.

In some cases, if the diseased part is not taken care of quickly, the entire tree may end up dying, and the infection could even spread to other nearby trees.

​Insects and animals can cause damage to trees as well. If an insect, bird, or other animal has damaged part of a branch, that branch could begin to rot, and the rot could potentially spread to more significant parts of the tree.

To avoid further damage, it’s essential to have a tree Pruning expert in Eugene come out and remove the damaged parts before things get worse.

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“I found by googling tree pruning service Eugene Oregon. I had never needed this service before so my mind was a little unclear on what I was expecting for the price. Based on the reviews I read, I contacted them to have someone out to review our property and give me an estimate, which they said were free of charge. It turns out it cost me less than I thought.


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Hightly recommend using for your tree pruning service! They did an excellent job at pricing, customer service, professionalism, and quality of work.



I have been a loyal customer of for about three years now. I have been very happy with the way they trimmed my trees because they leave both me and my yard satisfied.


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