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Tree Removal Lowell Or

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There are a few different reasons people need trees removed from their property. Sometimes, the tree is simply an eyesore or is blocking a great view of the neighborhood or surrounding scenery.

Other times, the tree may be growing in a way that has become problematic, or it simply has died and needs to be removed.

Whatever the reason, we can help to quickly and easily remove the tree or trees you need off of your property.

We have trained experts who use specialized equipment to ensure that each tree is removed safely and beautifully, so you’re not left with an unsightly stump.

Tree removal should not be attempted on your own because it is hazardous for you and your property.

Some of the common problems that occur when people try to remove their trees are people falling from trees because they were not securely attached to the tree, injuries when people lose their balance while handing heavy tools, and property damage when a branch or the whole tree falls unexpectedly because people were not able to direct its path.

To avoid all these problems and more, you need the help of tree care professionals who have not only been trained in the best techniques to take down a tree but who also have years of experience in doing so.

We use the best tools and equipment available and will use different methods depending on the tree’s location, size, and type to make sure that your property isn’t damaged during the whole tree removal process.

​Once that tree comes down, we will clean up everything from the trunk and branches to the wood chips and shavings so that you’ll soon forget that you even had a tree there. If you would like to keep the wood from the tree, our tree experts can cut it into smaller pieces for you. If you don’t want to worry about the leftover wood, let us take care of it for you.

Quick Tree Emergency Response in Lowell

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When trees fall without warning, they can cause a homeowner a headache. But luckily for you, our emergency tree removal is available around the clock. To get emergency tree removal from start to finish, call us or call 911 if your situation is life-threatening.

Tree Emergency Response in Lowell
Lowell Storm Damage Response

Lowell Storm Damage Response

We’re here when you need us the most!

If you find that branches or your entire tree have fallen due to high winds, storms, or hurricanes; make sure to call The Tree Experts in order to take preventative measures against significant damage. Even trees that appear healthy may have underlying problems like structural stress fractures that can cause costly mishaps in the event of powerful winds or storms.

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I had tree removal service come out and cut down a tree in my yard. I found them online and called and they were able to give me a quote and schedule an appointment very quickly. When the team arrived I was quite satisfied with how quick and thorough they were, but when I received my invoice it was so much more reasonable than I’d expected! I couldn’t believe it!

Lisa D

5 star

I have been using for a long time and their service is always consistent. They always show up on time with a friendly team of professionals, they do quality work, and I never have to worry about my yard being cluttered with debris from the hired services.



“I contacted to estimate how much it would cost to remove my tree and they gave me such a great deal that I decided to hire them for the job. They removed my tree and all of the surrounding foliage as well as the stump with only one visit!”

Andrew R

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