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#1 Most Trusted Tree Service in Saginaw OR is your #1 Choice for Tree services in Saginaw Oregon. We will take down any tree regardless of size. We are tree service experts with fully insured, have a license for tree removal, have successfully removed trees to the tallest verified height in Oregon.

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We will make sure that you get the best service for your needs. We offer a wide range of tree services, from trimming to planting to the removal of dead trees. We will take care of any tree ills

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I called to help me trim two large oak trees. I had a very tight space between a home and a pool where they wanted to drill which limited their access points. The crew came out and so so carefully climbed up the trees, lining up branches to fall away from the house and ensuring that their paraphernalia didn’t endanger the property around them as they trimmed.


4.9 recently trimmed my pine tree at the house. The gentleman that trimmed it was very professional and on time. All around, the tree service has the best prices that I could find with comparable work on the trees.



Excellent customer service. They show up when they say they’re coming even in the worst of weather.


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We at Tree Service Eugene OR provide the services that help to keep your lawn or yard looking great.

We respond promptly once you ask for our services.

We are a team of certified licensed arborists who pride themselves in the fact that we put our customers first!

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