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Tree Trimming Service in Creswell Oregon

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Sometimes, trees grow too tall and begin to interfere with overhead wires, and sometimes trees grow out too far sideways and begin to block walkways, driveways, streets, or buildings.

When your tree starts to outgrow its location, it’s time to call in the experts at Creswell Tree Services to trim back those unruly branches.

Because tree trimming branches requires specialized tools and often means getting up high to reach the tallest units, it’s best to let the experts take care of it.

We can easily reach branches up to 12 feet high from the ground to trip safely and effectively without leaving the ground.

We also have several different tool and equipment options when reaching higher branches to ensure that we’re doing so safely.

We don’t just trim for convenience, either. We want to make sure that your tree still looks great when we finish, which is why our experts take the time to trim the tree’s branches evenly and carefully.

Appearances are significant for businesses, that need the outside of their business to be as appealing as the business itself.

Trimming trees is also essential for the tree’s health since trimming out fuller and higher parts of the trees will allow the lower and inside branches to receive more sunlight. Our tree care experts know how to trim trees to make sure that they are looking fabulous and that they are being maintained so that they will continue to be healthy.

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you are responsible for the growth of your trees that may be blocking any public areas.

Keeping your trees trimmed will help prevent you from getting notices or even fines from the city as the city is, in turn, responsible for making sure that all of its citizens can easily travel without the interference of tree branches and other obstacles.

​To keep your trees trimmed back so that they stay healthy, look great, and out of the way of passing pedestrians, give us a call today and let us show you a quote on our tree trimming Creswell services today.

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I was looking for a reliable Creswell tree trimming or and found They have been our tree care company for years now because of their professionalism, reliability, and great customer service! Great people to work with!


5 star

Our yard needed some work done after the winter, so we called The trees were trimmed up beautifully and they did a great job cleaning up the leaves and branches afterward. We were very happy with how attractive our yard is now!



We had a wonderful experience with! We needed some trimming work at the front of our yard and they came out to do the job as soon as they could fit us in.


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